Neat Cleaning Co. is all about sustainability. For us to create a greener future, we need to make conscious choices today. We need to become more aware of packaging, the throw away culture we currently live in & the amount of waste we produce.

The cleaning products & materials that are used to clean your home are natural, cruelty free, biodegradable, recycled plastic or paper, bamboo or wood, & reusable. The services provided are safe for you, your family, & the planet. Look at you go, superhero; taking interest in protecting your family from harsh chemicals & helping save the planet all at the same time.

Your time is valuable & is better spent doing things you actually want to do.

Don't stress about the mess, let Neat Cleaning Co. take care of it so you can get back to what's really important.  

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My name is Anna Kwiatkowski & I’m a graphic designer, book enthusiast, tea drinker, animal & nature lover.

I'm also the owner & consultant of Neat Cleaning Co.

The values of Neat Cleaning Co. stem from my personal life. I believe that with small changes we have the ability to make a difference towards building a sustainable future. Simply swapping out plastic bags with reusable totes, asking the barista to use your reusable mug instead of a single-use cup, being more aware of packaging materials & the waste we produce, & doing more recycling & upcyling will benefit this magical planet, greatly.

Through practising a minimalistic lifestyle I discovered that decluttering my space brings a whole lot of peace, that my true happiness is created by spending quality time with people that matter to me & on my interests / passions — not by the things I own. 

The services of Neat Cleaning Co. are intended to provide you less stress & more time for the important things in your life; whether it being work, family, friends, hobbies & whatever else brings a smile to your face. 

For now it's just little ol'me taking care of things, please be patient!


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